I suffered from a repetitive strain injury of my left thumb brought on by my work. I saw my doctor, a physiotherapist, and was referred to a hand therapist. I worked towards recovery for nearly a year and a half with limited success, not being able to do my job fully and not being able to enjoy regular activities of both necessity and enjoyment. When I finally came to Aaron I was broken both physically and emotionally. Aaron was highly attuned to my mental and emotional state, spent time listening to my story, and gave space to hear, understand, and give credence to my suffering. I attended weekly sessions for the next few months and had both a reduction in my chronic pain symptoms as well as a calming and balancing of my emotional state. I am now in a much better place mentally and physically.  I was lucky to be able to access and benefit from Aaron's expertise and skill; I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Rachel B.

Aaron M.

"That is probably the best treatment I have ever received, and I've had quite a number of treatments from highly skilled practitioners.  After running a half-marathon, I couldn't bend my right knee.  Immediately after the treatment, there was significant improvement- and by the next morning, complete recovery."

Robin A.

Miriam N.

“I had persistent TMJ (Jaw) pain for 3 years.  I had spent 1000’s of dollars on many kinds of treatment and nothing helped.  I was cycling the maximum doses of several pain-killers just to stay functional, and only eating liquid food.After my first session with Aaron, I was able to cut my use in half.  Within 3 months, I was nearly off painkillers and could eat normally.”

Tom E.

"I initially started to see Aaron for hormone balancing after the birth of my child and he zoned in on unresolved grief that I had been carrying for over a decade. Once stuck in that grief, I have now been able to allow changes in myself that come with grief (for I feel grief transforms us). I have also been seeing Aaron for chronic anxiety, for which any diet changes or supplements previously had been a band-aid solution. Aaron's careful counselling ear and skillful use of multiple modalities have resulted in a calm within me that I am not sure I have ever felt before – this has been his biggest gift to me. At the beginning of each appointment, Aaron provides space to discuss what is going on in my life. He always respects my process in a supportive way, and provides counselling that is grounded, caring, intuitive, intelligent and understanding. This process encourages my personal authority and makes me feel like Aaron is not simply treating me as his patient, but that we are rather working together."

Wendi S.

"I went to see Aaron for my regular neck and shoulder tension tune-up, but that day I was also having severe menstrual cramps.  I told this to Aaron and he said he could help with that too.  By the time I walked out of his office I was completely pain-free, and stayed that way through the rest of my cycle."

Yuumi N.

“I had a sleep disorder lasting several months. I went days at a time without sleep. On top of this, I felt cold all the time. I needed to wear a jacket in the office in summer.
Aaron identified the root cause of my sleep disorder, and determined what was needed to resolve the issue. I slept well for the first time in months after receiving his first treatment. After seeing him another few times and receiving further treatment, I feel completely recovered. Now my sleep  is problem-free, and my body temperature is normal.”

Hui T.

"I had fallen down and broke my fall with my hand/wrist. I didn't have pain until the next day and it hurt to give people massages. Aaron walked by, happened to have needles in his pocket (is he prepared,or what??!) and poked my wrist. The sharp pain diminished and after a day of rest I am able to work again."

Andrea K.

"I have recently completed a series of treatments with Aaron Banfield, and I found his intuitive sensitivity and insight brought a new dimension to the already powerful paradigm of traditional Chinese medicine.  Together we worked with the energies of the meridians to re-balance my system, and I first found relief from the symptoms of insomnia, then the causes of those symptoms, and finally a refreshed enthusiasm for life: that third level of Chinese medicine known as ‘nourishing the destiny’.
For anyone seeking a natural, integrated approach to health, and a skilled physician in the Chinese system of medicine, I can give Aaron a whole-hearted recommendation."

Mark B.

"This is incredible.  Right now I'm even trying to move my foot in ways that I know cause pain, and there isn't any.  I've lived with this pain for 17 years, and it's like a whole new experience of life being without it.  Aaron is a miracle worker."

Kary M.

"Finding an acupuncturist as gifted as Aaron is has served to shift my concept of holistic and integrated health as I initially approached this practice with skepticism. However, once I found the courage to try it, my attitude was permanently altered. I am now proud to say I am a devoted client and believer in the power of this ancient medicine in the hands of this masterful practitioner. Aaron bravely incorporates treatment of physical ills as well as conditions of the spirit, pursuing each as relevant, understanding that they all function equally within the realm of a person’s well-being and general health. His intuitive expertise and whole-heartedness which radiates through all he does is humbling and empowering.
It is rare to find a healer of his caliber, and I count myself immensely lucky to be able to witness, benefit from, and recommend him unwaveringly."

Leah V.

"I am self-employed and have a busy schedule, where I am often standing on concrete  all day. I developed Plantar Fasciitis which caused a lot of pain in my feet, and stress as I worried about what it might due to my life if I couldn't continue to work. Aaron assured me that acupuncture would help. ( I wasn't 100% sure as I knew someone that had suffered through 6 months of it, and had to take time off work to "rest")
Thank you Aaron! My pain was drastically diminished very quickly and I take great comfort in knowing Aaron is there for me if I have any future problems.Have to also say that the peaceful atmosphere  has made the experience of being "stuck with needles" is one of the most relaxing and soothing times of my day!
Highly recommend seeing Aaron with any of your well-being issues."

Heidi K.

"I was already an acupuncture veteran when I was first treated by Aaron. The experience is completely different than with all the other practitioners I have visited. He seems to be present in a unique way and can discern the tiniest and most important details. Even the way he inserts the needles is smoother and more pain free. I have seen major results with my long standing sleep issues and stress management in just a few weeks with Aaron. I would recommend him to everyone!"

Katrina H.

"Aaron is an accomplished and perceptive practitioner. I enjoy his frank manner, attentive listening and compassionate heart. A highly knowledgeable and great appreciator of Chinese medicine and its philosophies, Aaron’s insights and wisdom aim for the core of the problem while his hands and needles bring welcome relief to the body/mind/spirit. To be on his table is a gift."

Marcia W.

"I appreciate everything Aaron has done for me during our time together. He is by far the most skilled and intuitive  practitioner I have ever been to."

Brady S.

"After just one visit with Aaron, my digestive system improved drastically and is now the best it's been in a long time,. He has a calm and gentle demeanor, and is very informative about his treatment. I have a better understanding of my anxiety and how to manage it, and my sleep has improved. Aaron has truly heIped me. I not only feel healthier, but I am also motivated to take better care of myself. Thank you Aaron!"

Natalie M.

After breaking my arm and spending a day in the emergency ward at the hospital I was sent away with a prescription for morphine and a possible appointment with an orthopedic surgeon in 2 weeks time.  After a week I decided to call Aaron Banfield.  One hour later I walked out of Aaron's office with almost complete mobility back in my arm.  Not only did he relieve the muscle tension that had occurred from my broken ulna, he also gave me information on a liniment that I could apply to my arm to help speed the healing process.  Three weeks later my arm is healed and I feel great.


“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you.” 

—  Name, Title