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Classes & Workshops

Fall dates TBA!


Weekly Qi Gong Drop-In

Like a yoga class, only it's qi gong!  Come learn and practice techniques for building, cleansing, and balancing your vital life force.
I keep the practices simple, and focus on breathing, posture, and visualization.

Cultivating Energetic Boundaries (1)_edi

Cultivating Energetic Boundaries

Do you sometimes feel like you “take on other people’s stuff”? Does being around groups leave you fatigued, ungrounded, or overwhelmed? Are you a practitioner or teacher who has difficulty leaving your clients’ issues behind?

This workshop will give you practices and perspectives that help to:

· Understand the nature of the energetic body and how it is influenced by the world around us.
· Strengthen our protective fields so that energies don’t pass through
· Cleanse our energy body of stuff that we do pick up

The class will consist of lecture, meditations, and dynamic movement exercises. The practices and teachings are rooted primarily in the Medical Qi Gong tradition as passed on by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson.


Fundamentals of Acupressure

Acupressure is a healing modality that uses the hands to activate energetic trigger points on the body. It can be thought of as “acupuncture without needles”. By tuning in and connecting with the subtle flows of the body, a skillful acupressure treatment can melt tension from muscles, restore mobility, and even help resolve mental/emotional issues. This experiential class will teach you a sequence of 10 potent acupressure points in the neck and shoulders and- most importantly- the techniques for properly activating and releasing them.

Acupuncture old book

Journey through the Meridians: A 6-Week Self-Care Workshop

This highly experiential workshop will take you on a trip around your body to deepen your relationship
with your meridian systems and the role they play in your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual
Each week will focus on one meridian and its associated organ. We will explore its nature what we
tend to experience when disharmony arises within it. Then we will practice acupressure, meditation,
and qi gong techniques to bring that meridian system into balance.
The purpose of this workshop is to help deepen your understanding of your own health patterns, and to
provide you with simple, effective tools to create positive shifts in your wellbeing.

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